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Contact Racing Line Photography

You can contact racing-line staff on the following numbers:

Neil Boyle (Racing Line and BrakingZone) Tel: 07986 442 136
Paul Vickers (Racing Line and Vickers Photographic) Tel: 07831 273 532
Russell Lee (Racing Line and Sport-Pics) Tel: 01708 855 062 or 07860 703413

For Purchases over the phone please Contact Russell Lee on the above numbers

F A Q:

Website user guide

Navigate around the screen using the mouse and click onto the race venue you wish to view.

Find the class you are riding in and scroll through the thumbnails until you find an image that you want.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image. In the top right hand side, in the image border box you will see a dropdown box (6 9x6 inch print will be displaying). Click onto the dropdown box to display the size you wish to purchase. All prices are displayed next to the image sizes to keep you informed at all times about costings.

If you wish to purchase the image, click ADD TO Basket. Repeat the process if you wish to purchase more images.

Once you have selected the images and what sizes you wish to buy go to CHECKOUT which will have appeared at the top of the page and complete your order through paypal.

What makes Racing Line different?

Every photographer has their own individual style and technique. With three experienced photographers on board, we will be able to cover races from a greater variety of locations on the circuit, and deliver a wider variety of race images.

In order to produce the highest possible quality products, we have invested heavily in top of the range photographic equipment and supporting technology.

Racers can visit our Display Trailer on race day, browse through images taken that day on our purpose-built workstations, and purchase prints or high resolution images on CD on the spot - perfect for personal souvenirs and also for press coverage.

What else can you do?

Racing Line photographers can be comissioned to cover events individually or as a team. In the near future we will be adding staff biographies and portfolios to the site, so that you will be better able to see what we can do for you.

Can I use your images to gain coverage in the press?

Although our images are generally sold for personal use only, we do encourage racers to use images bought from us to gain publicity for themselves or their team in the press. All we ask is that you make it clear to the publication that the image copyright remains with the Racing Line photographer, and that Racing Line is credited for the image. We can supply an appropriate covering note to go with the image on request.

Can we use your photogrpaphs in our publication in return for a credit?

Yes, absolutely! Just as long as the credit appears on our bank statement. We are sorry to be so mercenary, but we do need to run Racing Line in a businesslike fashion.

Can I re-sell your images?

Commercial usage rights are negotiable, please drop us a line to discuss your requirements.

Alternatively, click here to send us an email.